Rental Terms

  • By using our Online Reservation Request function your booking will remain provisional until you receive a booking confirmation from us by email or telephone.
  • Drivers must be aged between 25 and 75 and hold a full and clean UK driving licence. The photo card licence must be presented at the time of rental, we will also verify your licence for endorsements via the DVLA online checking service, please see ‘What Documents Do I Need To Provide?’ in our FAQ section for more details on this.
  • The driver must have held the current licence for a minimum of 2 years.
  • In addition we also require two forms of identification to prove the driver’s signature and current home address.
  • A returnable deposit of £100 on a credit or debit card is required prior to the start of the rental.
  • At the start of the rental you will be asked to accompany a trained member of staff to complete a pre-rental assessment of the vehicle, you will also be asked to sign our rental agreement. When returning the vehicle you will be asked to accompany a member of staff to complete an end of rental vehicle assessment.
  • Rentals must be paid for on credit or debit card or by corporate account on application, please note cash or cheque payments are not accepted.
  • Fourways will insure the driver during the rental period on an individual basis and reserve the right to vary the insurance charge or excess dependent on the driver’s history.
  • In the case of any damage to a vehicle there is an excess payable of £750 for cars and £750 for vans, this is the maximum liability should the vehicle be damaged. However any overhead damage incurred in the rental is fully chargeable up to the full cost of the repairs, this includes for example damage caused by hitting a bridge, overhead car park barrier or low branches.
  • Rentals are subject to a mileage restriction of 200 miles per day, charged at 25p plus VAT per mile thereafter.
  • All vehicles are expected to be returned on the same level of fuel as when collected, a charge will be made for any fuel deficit, this charge will fluctuate depending on pump prices and our staff will be able to advise of current rates on request.
  • Fourways reserves the right to refuse rental insurance or to alter the rental terms and conditions without advance notice.

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